Build a Desktop Terrarium

mosser_moss_terrariumMosser Kit 01 – $30 ( Plus shipping, U.S. shipping only, USPS Priority mail )

Some might wonder why on earth would people want to grow moss? People love it for its simplicity and ease of maintenance. Moss has been around for 350 million years, it is visually attractive, stays green throughout the year. It is a perfect gift for one who wants to add a little green to their desktop.

With Mosser Kit 01, you can now build your own desktop terrarium. Each kit comes with a slick designed glass jar and all of the essential ingredients you need to build your moss and air plant terrarium. The Mosser is self-sustained and compact enough to fit on any desktop or small area. It is very easy to care for and only need to be sprayed once every two weeks with filtered water. Different variations of sheet mosses (primarily hypnum imponens) are used. They can thrive in shade, but will also tolerate dappled sunlight (not extended direct afternoon sun). Each kit makes one Mosser 01.

Specifications: rocks, soil, charcoal, the finest quality fern moss, air plant, spray bottle, glass jar with lid, and a set of simple instructions.

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