Japanese Kawaii Gifts

Kawaii is an adjective in Japanese meaning pretty, cute, lovely… Looking for a cute gift for a little kid? I bet you will find something fancy at Kawaii Gifts. Kawaii Gifts was established in 2002. They have a physical store in Pittsburgh, PA. They carry lots of products from Japanese popular brands like San-X, Kamio, Q-Lia, Crux, Mind Wave, Iwako, Kid Robot, Strange Co., Rotofugi, Re-Ment miniatures, Momiji dolls, Ugly Dolls, Giant Microbes, and Sanrio. Enjoy free shipping with order of $100 or more. Here let’s check out some of their best sellers.

San-X Rilakkuma 13.7″ Little Bear Plushy Backpack – 13.7″ tall plushy backpack. Adjustable straps. Big enough to hold a 16 oz bottle plus some. Fits young adult from height of 3’7″ to 5’5″.




San-X Rilakkuma 3 1/2″ Plush: BIRDIE – 3 1/2″ tall plush of Yellow Birdie!

Plushy-Indoor-SlippersSan-X Rilakkuma Adult M Plushy Indoor Slippers: Chick – 10.2″ long. Adult size M soft plushy slippers!




San-X Rilakkuma Little Bear Fleece Hooded Short Cape (Young Adult Size M) – Young adult size fleece hooded short cape. One size fits most!

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