Care for some Dim Sum?


Siu Mai Candle – USD$30.00

Dim sum usually refers to a style of Chinese food prepared as small bite-sized of food traditionally served in small bamboo steam boiler. And Siu Mai is one of the most popular dim sums, and is mainly made of ground pork and chopped shrimp.

Product Description: Candle inspired by the traditional crafted Cantonese food, Dim Sum. Handmade in Hong Kong. Material: Paraffin wax. Scent: Not scented. Size: 100W x 100L x 70H (mm). Weight: 135g. Packaging: Bamboo Steam boiler / 2 pieces in a pack.

This Dim Sum Time series also include other dim sums like Birthday Bun ($30), Cheung Fan ($20), and Siu Long Bao ($30). Another interesting series that you should take a look at is the Lost In Time Series which consists of 4 products – Telephone ($54), Leather Covered Book ($35), Cassette Tapes ($19), and Camera with film rolls ($41). Please check out BeCandle online store for more details.

Btw, since all candle pieces are handmade, no two items are exactly identical, and isn’t that part of the beauty of handmade products?

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