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Jasmin 17 – $160, 50ml

The naming system of Le Labo perfume is pretty unique. From the name of the perfume, basically you can tell how the perfume is formulated, what the base of composition is. For example, Jasmin 17 indicates that the perfume is made up of a total of 17 ingredients, with natural jasmine as its principal ingredient. While Ylang 49, which is the one with the most ingredients, is based on cananga odorata, commonly known as ylang-ylang.

Another thing that makes Le Labo different from the others is that all Le Labo perfumes are formulated to order. The essential oils and the alcohol are kept separated until you order your perfume. When you order, they bottle your fragrance, label your bottle and ship it to you. If stored correctly such as in darkness and at cool temperature, your perfume can keep around two years.

Looking for a personalised perfume gift? You can personalise your perfume’s label with the choice of up to 23 characters including space. It would be a perfect gift for your loved ones. This personalisation service is available for perfumes in all sizes, discovery set, amulet, and many other items.

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