Saeco Xelsis Digital ID Household Automatic Coffee Machine


Saeco Xelsis Digital ID Machine – $3199

Saeco Xelsis Automatic Espresso Machine is a high-end coffee machine with an expensive price tag of $3199, it is a machine for those who want great coffee whenever they want it, a machine with the same features you found in one of those fancy coffee shops. The most impressive feature is the digital ID function which can scan your fingerprint, recognize you, and remember your preferences of up to six different drinks. This machine is terrific. Expensive, but simply terrific.

Product Description: With the Xelsis, it’s like having a coffee bar in your own home. Making use of cutting-edge technology, the Xelsis is extremely versatile and able to offer multiple types of beverages, all of which may be completely personalized: from strong Italian espresso to a mild American-style coffee, cappuccino to latte, and even hot water for a cup of tea. You may create up to 6 user profiles, of 6 drinks each, customizable for each family member.

Delivery Information: ships most in-stock orders to the U.S. within 1 business day of receipt. Shipping options are provided at time of checkout. Orders shipped to AK, PR and HI must be shipped by second-day air. Out-of-stock items usually ship within 10 business days.

Gourmet coffee and refurbished coffee machines are also available at Saeco online store.

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