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GoSun Mini – $129.00

This is the perfect gift for those “green product” lovers. Only weigh 1.5 lbs, this portable solar cooker can cook 0.5 oz of food. Meals can be ready in just 10 minutes, and temperature can be adjusted from 200°F (93°C) to a maximum temperature of 550°F (288°C). Another version of Gosun, the GoSun Sport ($299.00), can cook up to 3 lbs of food.

Product Description: GoSun Mini is a great travel size solar stove. Oven Dimensions: 1.75”(4.5cm) outside diameter, 1.25”(3.2cm) inside diameter, 11.5” (30cm) length. Free shipping to the continental US.

Can I use GoSun for fluids? Will it boil water? In order to heat up water, an additional accessory known as GoSun Brew is required. It works like a separate capsule which can slide into the GoSun tube. However, GoSun Brew is not yet commercially available. According to the website FAQ, GoSun can not rapidly boil up water like a standard stovetop. Because of water’s low density compared to food, it might take 1~2 full sunlight hours to boil 2 cups of coffee.

How long does it take to heat up and cook? For an average good sunlight intensity, it takes 20 minutes for hotdogs and reheating frozen foods, 40 minutes for muffins, 50 minutes for stir fry, 60 minutes for meat.

Currently, GoSun also has an empowerment program which allows organizations to help out families in need. So far, 122 GoSun cookers are donated.

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