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DIY Thirsty Plant Kit – £20.00

At first look, their name is a bit long and weird – Technology Will Save Us, but when you take a closer look at what they are selling, you got to admit that these folks are doing something really great. Their line of product offers opportunities to school kids to make use of basic technology to build cool gadgets which are useful to everyday life.

One of their DIY kits, the DIY Thirsty Plant Kit allows you to make your own moisture sensor out of plaster of paris and nails. What it does is that it will signal an LED to flash when your plant needs watering, cool eh?

Product Description: Twist some wires to make a circuit and build a solar-powered moisture sensor that lets you know when your plants need watering. No soldering is required. Good for ages 8+ (with supervision). Use the principles learnt in this kit to make more sensors around your space as well as circuits that have a practical application to help simplify your life. Use with an Arduino to create Automatic watering cans…

Technology Will Save Us also delivers outside of the UK, they ship to almost everywhere in the world. Workshops are available in selected locations, please check their website for more details.

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