Garden office – Archipod

Archipod – £12,000

Ever imagine what a garden office would look like? Archipod would be a perfect gift for someone who likes to work in the backyard.

My first impression is that it could work like an ordinary garden storage shed, except Archipod is in a sphere shape, I guess that makes a whole lot difference. Well, you can still sit inside a shed and use it as a garden office, but it wouldn’t look as cool as an Archipod, Archipod is way too cool and stylish. Let’s check out some of the great features:

Walls – Curved plywood structural box with encapsulated fibreglass insulation, plasterboard finish internally on high performance foil insulation and vapour barrier. Fully plastered and decorated after installation, so no visible internal jointing strips.

Glazing – 3’4″ diameter hinged double skin polycarbonate roof dome to maximise natural light and ventilation, Double glazed stainless steel porthole window.

Desk – An ergonomic semicircular desk, 2’4″ deep and an effective curved length of 10’2″, in a range of finishes and colours to the customers choice, with 2 cable grommets in the top and cable management below.

How much does it cost? Each garden office is made to order, and is priced individually. However, as a guide price, a fully enclosed, insulated Archipod with cedar shingles, door, window, glazed roof, foundations and full installation would start in the region of £12,000 including VAT. Want a pod? Visit Archipod’s website.

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