Brand New Gift Idea for 2014 Christmas


goTenna – $149.99 for 2 devices

If you need a brand new gift idea for 2014 Christmas, here is one for you. Actually, you can only pre-order this product for the time being, their website suggests that they will aim to fulfill the first batch of orders by this winter, so place your order soon!

goTenna is a great gift for any outdoor, nature lovers. Imagine you are in a situation that you don’t have a phone service and you need to contact someone urgently, goTenna comes to the rescue. goTenna connects wirelessly with your smartphone and enables you to text and share your location with anyone who has the device. Towers, routers or satellites are not required.

How does it work? When your goTenna is within 20 feet of your mobile phone, the two can communicate. Your phone can send your text message to your goTenna, which in turn will send it out to the other intended goTenna via long-range radio waves. At the other end, the exact same thing happens but in a reserve order.

What is the range? Here are a few common scenarios: City street to city street: 0.5-1 mile, Forest to forest: 2-3 miles, Water to water: 4-6 miles, Desert to desert: 4-6 miles

How can you improve your range? Elevating the goTenna will increase its range drastically, e.g. hike up a little, hang it from a tree, and etc.

Availability? goTenna is currently only available in the United States. There is no mention about shipment to other countries, you have to contact them to find out.

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