An Eco Friendly Grill – EcoGrill

EcoGrill – £9.99 (Free shipping on all orders over £25 to mainland UK)

Eco Consumer Products Limited is based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. Their first product, the EcoGrill, is a lovely natural disposable BBQ. It weighs about 2 kg. It is made of alder and filled with the highest quality alder charcoal coals. Traditionally, alder charcoal which gives food a pleasant smoky aroma and taste, is used for smoking fish and meats in the Nordic countries.

The EcoGrill is 100% environmentally friendly. It can be easily lit with its own natural and odour free resin wick which can quickly light up the charcoal. As the charcoal burns the walls of the grill, it leaves no waste and anything left is all biodegradable. Due to its design, it maximizes the use of charcoals within it and prolongs burning time giving over 2 hours of grilling time, and around 5 hours as a camp fire.

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