Want some candy?


Candy Grabber – £20.99

This super fun and cute candy grabber is the perfect gift for kids and kidults. Fill it up with your favourite candies, insert one of the fake coins, use the three levers to move the grabber forward and backward, up and down, contract and release your tasty treats and deposit them down the chute. Remember, you only have one minute and fifteen seconds to grab as many sweets as you can!

Features: A fairground style desktop candy grabber, a claw that you manoeuvre to grab candies, fairground music that lasts for one minute and fifteen seconds, fake coins, suitable for ages 5+, sweets and batteries are not included

The overall customer reviews are positive – “kids have hours of fun”, “amazingly addictive and fun”, “This Candy Grabber can give you a second childhood”, “a must for any kid”, “easy to operate”, “every age group will want a go”…

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